A Teen Citizen Science Project at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences


Museums hold innumerable treasures…

Unfortunately 99% of them are stored far away from public view.

FossilPhiles is a National Science Foundation funded citizen science project to bring the wonders of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences out from their hidden home and give aspiring middle school students the chance to help preserve our natural heritage for future generations, learning about STEM careers along the way.

For the next year a team of 8th-11th grade students will work side-by-side with museum paleontologists to create three-dimensional models and collect scientific data from our most significant fossil specimens.

The team is currently building an open access database for you to explore.  We expect the FossilPhiles interactive to be online by December 2017.  When the database launches, you will be able to take a virtual behind-the-scenes tour of the Paleontological Collections at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences anywhere, anytime.  In the meantime, we invite you to learn about our amazing student team.



Demo Our Database

Watch the video for an example of our interactive 3D fossil database

3D Fossil Database